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We are an experienced team of dog trainers offering scientifically sound, positive behaviour solutions when your puppy is driving you crazy and your dog walk is a total drag. Need hands on help that fits your dog and your schedule? Book Now!

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Fraser Valley Training Programs

Behaviour Consultation with Dr. Alison Vaughan - $160
Finally get your dog figured out! Sit on the couch and tell Dr. Ali all about your dog. Discover scientifically sound solutions to your dog's problem behaviours, and learn new ways to bring out the very best in your best friend.
Puppy Prep School - $120
Private, in-home training for puppies under 6 months of age. Get all your questions answered and get the whole family started right training a well behaved, happy puppy. Additional sessions can be purchased for $60 each.
Puppy Program Session - $60
Puppies under 6 months are taught basic obedience and fun tricks while owners are treated to a mega-dose of knowledge about raising a, happy, healthy, and well behaved puppy. Socialization, self control, leash manners, and avoiding problem behaviours like incomplete house-training, chewing, barking, and nipping will be the focus of your puppy's early education. Puppy Prodigy training session are $60 each.
Underdog Initiation - $160
Adult dogs begin here. For dogs over 6 months of age who need basic manners & obedience training, or who would like to do advanced training including assistance dog education, advanced obedience, and trick dog training. Additional Underdog training sessions can be purchased for $80 each.
Underdog Program Session - $80
For adult dogs currently enrolled in Wag The Dog private training programs.
On-Demand On-line and Over the Phone Help! - $30
Too far away to get the hands on help you and your dog need to enjoy a better relationship? Use your webcam, FaceTime, Skype or just your lively descriptions to help us understand your unique dog's quirks and we will guide you step-by-step.

Port Moody/Tricities Training Programs

Puppy Play School at The Bark Lounge - $160
Fun and family friendly. Get your puppy started out right!

At Puppy Play School, your puppy will learn:

-How to play nicely with other dogs
-How to greet people politely
-How to focus on you and ignore distractions
-How to walk nicely on leash
-Sit, down and stay
-Shake a paw, play dead/roll over
-Respond to name and come when called
Obedience Level 1 - $160
Turn your dog around!
This group class is for dogs 6 months and older their owners who want to get their dog's attention and get their dog working for them using simple, positive, and effective techniques.
Canine Superstars - $199
Certified Trick Dog Instructor Carol Millman will get you and your dog started on the road to stardom, with this Novice Dog Tricks class. The sport of Dog Tricks is a non-competitive, all-breed inclusive sport that combines the skills used in Agility, Flyball, Treiball, Freestyle, and many other competitive dog sports. From jumping through hoops to shooting hoops, this class covers it all!
Behaviour Consultation - $99
Need help with your dog? Our trainer will come to your home, meet your dog, discuss your training goals, and explain our training approach (30 min). If you like our plan, we will start training right away (60 min).
Welcome, Puppy! - $99
New puppy? Get started out right. Our trainer will visit your home and help you and your puppy get set up for success - we will discuss potty training, puppy safety, basic leash handling and get you started on the right track from day one.
Phone Help Today! - $20
Outside of our service area? Need urgent advice? Request a phone call from a trainer and get some expert help today.

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